Protecting the land, providing recreation

Susquehanna Riverlands

Recreation Area

A 400-acre recreation area on the west side of the Susquehanna River is open for day use. The recreation area offers picnic pavilions and facilities, tables, grills, playgrounds, a volleyball court and a ball field. To reserve the group pavilion, call the Susquehanna Riverlands at 1-866-832-3312. Pavilion reservations must be received five business days prior to the date the pavilion is required.

The "Planet Walk" invites visitors to journey from the sun to Pluto by following a series of interpretive markers that depict a trip of nearly 4 billion miles.

On the 30-acre Lake Took-A-While, you can boat (no gasoline engines) or fish for catfish, bass, panfish and trout when in season. The Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission stocks the lake with trout. Swimming and ice fishing are prohibited. The 1.5-mile trail around the North Branch Canal is a great place for walking, biking and cross-country skiing.

Explore plant and animal habitats along the Riverside Trail. PPL offers nature study and recreation programs for the public year-round. Upcoming programs are listed in PPL's online Calendar of Events and publicized via a free quarterly e-mail. To receive the quarterly listing of events, send an e-mail to and list "Subscribe" in the subject line.

Get a close look the area's wildlife, learn about wetlands and enjoy hands-on nature programs at the Riverlands Nature Center. Designed to entertain and inform people of all ages, the nature center is located in the Susquehanna Energy Information Center.

Most Riverlands facilities are accessible to people with physical limitations.

Groups are welcome to schedule field trips. To arrange a field trip, call 1-866-832-3312.

Recreation Area Map

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Recreation Area Trails

Towpath - 1.5 miles, 45 min
Riverside - 1.5 miles, 45 min

Planet Walk

Take a stroll on this celestial-bound path and cover a symbolic journey of nearly 4 billion miles in less than a mile.

The Riverlands' "Planet Walk" invites visitors to take a journey from the sun to Pluto by following a series of laminated interpretive markers on sturdy yellow pine posts that parallel the towpath of the North Branch Canal.

They're spaced to show the size and distance between each planet. Along your journey, you'll learn about the size of our solar system and the vastness of space.

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Lake Took-A-While

Our 30-acre lake and a restored section on the North Branch Canal provide fishing opportunities almost all year round. Each year, the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission stocks Lake Took-A-While with rainbow, brown and palamino trout. Good bass fishing can be found in the narrow waters of the canal. The lake and canal are closed to ice fishing.

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North Branch Canal

The North Branch Canal stretched from Pittston to Northumberland, a distance of 72.5 miles. In use during the period from 1830 to 1900, the canal was 40 feet wide at the top and 4-6 feet deep.

The canal boats were 80 feet long and could haul up to 120 tons of cargo, which might include coal, flour, grain or lumber. These were drawn by teams of mules which traveled the tow paths that form this portion of our trail.

Speed limit for the freighters was 3-5 miles per hour. Greater speeds caused severe erosion to the canal banks.

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