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Boating, Fishing and Hunting

Boating. The 2,400-acre Lake Aldred is popular for boating and water-skiing. PPL boat ramps for public use are available at the villages of York Furnace and Pequea. A public marina is located at York Furnace. Boaters are advised to stay about a mile below the Safe Harbor Dam and to be wary of currents at the north tip of Weise Island and on the east side of the Urey Island chain. Weise Island, in the middle of the Susquehanna River just north of Pequea Creek, has a natural sandy beach for day use only. Boaters at the southern end of Lake Aldred are warned of the Holtwood dam and its 55-foot spillway by a line of buoys. Boating is prohibited south (downstream) of the buoys. Below the dam, boating is restricted downstream to the Norman Wood Bridge.

PPL Holtwood reopens boat ramps at Pequea
May 24, 2012

PPL Holtwood has reopened the newly refurbished boat ramps at the Pequea Boat Launch on the Susquehanna River in Lancaster County.

“The improvements at Pequea are part of PPL’s commitment, under its operating license for the Holtwood hydroelectric plant, to expand recreational opportunities for the public along the Susquehanna River,” said John M. Levitski, PPL’s regional community relations director for the Lancaster area. “We’re pleased to reopen the Pequea boat launch area in time for the Memorial Day weekend.”

PPL Holtwood repaired the existing boat ramp and extended it farther out into the river, and installed a new one next to it. After this boating season, PPL will dredge the Pequea Creek area and install additional parking to accommodate nearly 60 total spaces.

“The project, which was started in March, will improve the boating public’s enjoyment of the river at Holtwood as the summer boating season gets under way,” Levitski said.

Fishing. Lake Aldred abounds in walleyes, bass, catfish, panfish and muskellunge. The Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission reports that the lake is one of the least-fished areas of the state. The Holtwood dam's "tailrace" - where river water leaves the power plant - is a favorite fishing site. Lighted walkways and stairs provide access to the water. Trout are stocked in Otter Creek. The Holtwood hydroelectric dam is home to one of this country's largest fish lifts - essentially, an elevator that carries American shad and other migratory species upstream each spring past the dam. The Holtwood fish lifts are a key ingredient in a public-private partnership that seeks to restore shad populations to the Susquehanna River.

Hunting. Hunting for waterfowl, pheasant, rabbit, squirrel and deer is permitted on 2,200 acres of land reserved for public use in a cooperative farm-game project sponsored by PPL and the Pennsylvania Game Commission. Most of this acreage surrounds Pinnacle Overlook and the Holtwood and Otter Creek recreation areas.

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