Dedication to our communities is at the heart of our core values.


PPL Corporation conducts its business in an environmentally responsible manner.

We meet or exceed environmental laws, regulations and voluntary standards PPL has adopted. Our environmental commitment is based on individual responsibility for stewardship, innovative thinking and compliance. We operate our facilities to meet environmental regulations and corporate environmental policies and provide smarter and cleaner facilities that run efficiently.


Our policy reflects a personal responsibility of each employee to stewardship, innovative thinking, and compliance with laws and regulations.

PPL's Environmental Policy places a significant emphasis on personal responsibility and the important role every employee plays in helping the company conduct its business in an environmentally responsible manner.

PPL Environmental Policy
PPL conducts its business in an environmentally responsible manner.

PPL is committed to the health and safety of our employees, contractors, customers and communities and to operate its business in a way that seeks to minimize its impact on the environment. The goal is very simple: zero  incidents adversely impacting people or the environment. PPL aims to integrate Health, Safety and Environmental considerations into its business activities, taking into account the needs of present and future generations. PPL’s Health, Safety and Environmental Statement advances these corporate values and contributes to our long-term business success. PPL’s Goals are:

PPL aims to provide a safe and healthy workplace, striving to prevent injuries and illnesses, promoting healthy lifestyles and encouraging respect for the environment. PPL promotes the efficient use of natural resources and energy, and seeks to reduce resource consumption, waste, discharges and emissions. PPL collaborates with others to enhance public Health, Safety and Environmental awareness and address common related issues.

PPL is committed to complying with internal standards and applicable laws and regulations. We will move swiftly to address compliance issues whenever they are identified.

PPL utilizes Health, Safety and Environmental Management Systems to set challenging goals, monitor and assess performance, and continually improve its performance. PPL works with contractors and suppliers to focus on results that contribute to our business success.

PPL fosters open dialogue to enhance decision-making through meaningful and regular communications of Health, Safety and Environmental information with management, employees, contractors, stakeholders and the public.

             Bill Spence

Bill Spence
Chairman, President and CEO
PPL Corporation