Dedication to our communities is at the heart of our core values.


PPL Corporation is an integral part of the communities where we do business. Our employees across the United States and in the United Kingdom are an extension of our commitment to community development, education and the environment.

PPL Corporation is a proud partner with many nonprofit organizations in the communities where we live and work. Whether we’re strengthening community organizations, creating and preserving wildlife habitat or mentoring schoolchildren, we continually seek new ways to invest our time and resources into our communities. It’s how we do business, and it's our way of keeping our promise to support a better tomorrow.

PPL Corporation provides philanthropic contributions that improve the lives of people in our communities. Through financial contributions, in-kind donations and volunteerism, PPL supports initiatives focused on enhancing opportunities in education, community and economic development, and the environment.

Corporate giving

As a keystone in each of the communities we serve, PPL Corporation contributes millions of dollars annually.

Corporate giving

Pennsylvania Contribution Requests

Requests for Pennsylvania funding less than $5,000 can be submitted at any time during the year and must be made in writing at least four to six weeks prior to need. Donation requests should be sent to your regional affairs director by mail, email or fax. Requests should be sent on the letterhead of the requesting 501(c)3 organization and should include the following:

  • Description of the agency and the role it plays in the community
  • List of PPL employees who volunteer at the agency, and descriptions of their roles and involvement
  • Request summary, including amount
  • Project description
  • Current budget for project including other funding or support received
  • List of board of directors

Requests for Pennsylvania funding for $5,000 or more must be received by May 9, 2014 and must be completed on this form and emailed to your regional affairs director. Please also include the information above in your request letter. Funding requests are limited to 501(c)3 nonprofit organizations in PPL Corporation’s Pennsylvania service territories.