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The Many Faces of PPL The Many Faces of PPL

Many faces of PPL

Respect. Inclusion. Community.

We recognize that our communities are diverse, and our goal is to build a workforce that reflects the face and identity of the regions we serve.

We understand that the world does not speak with one voice, and that a workforce made up of multiple perspectives and backgrounds puts us in the best position to respond to the challenges of our business.

We welcome applicants of all races, backgrounds and life experiences, and are committed to maintaining respectful and inclusive workplaces.

Business Resource Groups

Business Resource Groups (BRGs) provide an opportunity for employees with common experiences and perspectives to network and enhance their professional growth.

The mission of the BRGs is to support and encourage diversity and inclusion at PPL, provide a means for employees with similar interests to work on projects and issues, offer personal and professional development opportunities, and pursue community outreach.

  Current PPL Business Resource Groups include:  

  • The African-American Business Resource Group (AABRG) fosters an environment of inclusion and creates a strong economic base in the African-American community by actively promoting diversity within the company and the community.
  • The Christian Business Resource Group (CBRG)  is a non-denominational group serving PPL and its surrounding communities through volunteering and other outreach projects.  The group actively contributes to the company’s success by strengthening employees to attain their God-given potential through Bible-based teaching and counsel, as well as through prayer and praise. 
  • Membership in Gay & Lesbian Organization in the Workplace (GLOW) is open to employees regardless of sexual orientation.  The goal of GLOW is for all employees to have access to the same opportunities in a workplace where it’s safe for them to be themselves.  This includes opportunities for advancement without fear, along with equality in benefits for all employees.
  • The mission of the Latino Employee Alliance For Diversity (LEAD) is to reinforce PPL’s diversity and inclusion strategy by empowering Latinos in the workplace and in the community through initiatives that promote personal and professional development while recognizing the value of diverse perspectives.
  • PPL Tomorrow seeks to optimize workforce readiness and engagement by connecting young professionals to both professional development and social networking opportunities.  The group’s primary goals include fostering innovation and creativity, encouraging the development of leadership skills, and cultivating corporate social responsibility and sustainability efforts at PPL.
  • PPL’s first Business Resource Group, PPL Women's Network (PWN), was established in 1997. PWN provides leadership in developing women to achieve their highest potential and work as a catalyst for success in a competitive environment.
  • PPLVETS is a group focused on the awareness, effectiveness, and well-being of our military veterans and their families. It seeks to honor those employees who are currently serving, or have served, and to foster an environment of understanding, patriotism, and involvement.
  • The Asian Connection for Employees (ACE) supports company values through initiatives that build and retain a highly qualified, diverse workforce; promotes professional and personal development opportunities for its members; strengthens linkages to and within our diverse communities through community engagement; and promotes the heritage of PPL’s employees of Asian ethnicities by sharing these cultures with other employees.

In addition to our business resource groups, the following organizations also bring together employees with shared skills or backgrounds.

  • The U.S. Women in Nuclear (WIN) organization was established in May 1999 with the following strategic objectives:
    • Support an environment in nuclear energy and nuclear technologies in which women and men are able to succeed.
    • Provide a network through which the women in these fields can further their professional development.
    • Provide an organized association through which the public is informed about nuclear energy and nuclear technologies.
  • NA-YGN Susquehanna is a local chapter of the national North American-Young Generation in Nuclear (NA-YGN).  NA-YGN is comprised of nuclear professionals committed to making a difference by fostering professional and personal relations among the members and to cooperate with other scientific and professional groups having similar objectives.