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PPL family of companies

PPL Corporation

FORTUNE 500® global energy holding company.

Headquarters: Allentown, Pa.
PPL Corporation includes:

  • LG&E and KU Energy, LLC
  • PPL Electric Utilities Corporation
  • PPL EnergyPlus, LLC 
  • PPL Energy Supply, LLC
  • PPL Services Corporation
  • PPL Global, LLC

Louisville Gas and Electric
Kentucky Utilities

The electric and gas delivery businesses serve 1.3 million customers in Kentucky, Virginia and Tennessee.

Headquarters: Louisville, Ky.

PPL Electric Utilities

The electric delivery business line serves 1.4 million customers in Pennsylvania.

Headquarters: Allentown, Pa.

PPL EnergyPlus

One of the leading suppliers of competitively priced electricity and energy services in the mid-Atlantic region. The company sells wholesale and retail electricity in key U.S. states.*

Headquarters: Allentown, Pa.
PPL EnergyPlus includes:

  • Wholesale Marketing and Trading
  • End-User Energy 
  • Distributed Generation 
  • Energy Services 
  • Mechanical Services

PPL Generation

This business line controls or owns about 11,000 megawatts in the United States. Its portfolio includes power plants in Montana and Pennsylvania.

Headquarters: Allentown, Pa.
Power plants:

  • Brunner Island (York Haven, Pa.)
  • Colstrip (Colstrip, Mont.) 
  • Conemaugh (Johnstown, Pa.)
  • Corette (Billings, Mont.)
  • Holtwood (Holtwood, Pa.)
  • Ironwood (Lebanon, Pa.)   
  • Keystone (Johnstown, Pa.)
  • Martins Creek (Martins Creek, Pa.)
  • Montana Hydro (operates 11 hydroelectric facilities in the state of Montana)
  • Montour (Washingtonville, Pa.)
  • Susquehanna (Berwick, Pa.)
  • Wallenpaupack (Hawley, Pa.)

PPL Global

PPL Global owns and operates distribution businesses in the United Kingdom that deliver electricity to 7.8 million customers.

Headquarters: Allentown, Pa.
Energy delivery companies in England and Wales:

* PPL EnergyPlus, LLC, is an unregulated subsidiary of PPL Corporation. PPL EnergyPlus is not the same company as PPL Electric Utilities. The prices of PPL EnergyPlus are not regulated by the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission. You do not have to buy PPL EnergyPlus electricity, natural gas or other products in order to receive the same quality regulated services from PPL Electric Utilities.