PPL Energy Services

A leading provider of comprehensive energy solutions.

Comprehensive Energy Solutions
PPL Energy Services is one of the leading providers of comprehensive energy solutions for clients throughout the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic. Partner with us for services ranging from mechanical contracting and energy management to building and operating renewable energy facilities.

Economically Driven
With your help, we will provide an economical solution that is best suited for your core business. You can use our capital and our resources to develop energy solutions for your business, freeing up your capital and resources to expand your business and increase your profitability.

We will use the appropriate technology to provide the most energy-efficient and environmentally sensitive design to meet your needs and satisfy your core values. Our solutions — which are not tied to a particular brand or supplier — are based on the best available equipment to solve your energy needs and financial constraints.

Environmentally Friendly
We design renewable energy facilities, finance and manage their construction, and own and operate the facility to meet your renewable energy needs. By taking the responsibility for supplying your electric and thermal needs with an on-site facility, we enable you to focus on your core business to maximize its success.



PPL Infrastructure Services works with the wireless industry to offer collocation solutions on electrical transmission structures and land owned by PPL .

Most local governments prefer carriers to attach to existing structures rather than developing new sites. PPL has an excellent record obtaining zoning approvals and offers over 40,000 structures for collocation solutions. 

PPL helps customers find solutions by assisting with RF search rings, performing candidate reviews, and providing budgetary estimates for engineering and construction.

For more information, contact:

Mike Damiano
Business Development Manager             
Ken Hill
Site Development Manager

Services Provided

Site Walks

  • Identify location for equipment, antennas, cabling and telco/electric.
  • Coordinate a site walk with carrier representatives.
  • Provide carrier a general idea of costs based upon carrier’s needs.


  • Reviews structures and site development requirements.
  • Performs design work including structural needs, foundations, surveys and drafting.
  • Develops and reviews zoning and construction drawings.
  • Specifies materials including poles, platforms and other items.
  • Provides expert testimony at zoning hearings as required.


  • Overall site general contractor manages all aspects of the construction project
  • Prepares construction proposal for all civil and overhead work.
  • Coordinates with various PPL departments to schedule work crews and line outages.
  • Maintains a high level of safety.
  • Performs ongoing maintenance of the site.

Customized Solutions for Transmission Towers

69 KV to 230 KV Towers 69KV to 230KV 69KV

Direct Attachments

  • Uses existing structure.
  • Fifteen feet extension above existing tower – 95 ft. to 100 ft.
  • Candidate poles typically have existing foundations.

Fort Worth Tower Power Mounts  

  • Uses existing steel lattice structure.
  • Supports vertical loading but consumes tower structural capacity.
  • 15 ft. above existing tower – 95 ft. to 100 ft.

Replacement Structures

  • Replaces existing light duty poles and towers.
  • Can achieve much greater heights – 200 ft.
  • Candidates are typically in-line poles.

Direct attachments to 69-230 kv tower

 Fort Worth tower mounts

 69 kv replacement structures